Chronic Pain: A Way Out

way out picIn his book, Chronic Pain: A Way Out (2013), Dr. Stephen Colameco describes the interplay between pain and addiction; he offers steps to help create a treatment path that includes evidence-based medical treatments, physical modalities, counseling, self-care education and alternative approaches. This book is intended as a resource for not only for those who suffer with chronic pain, but also for their families and healthcare providers. This book includes portions of the previously published 12-Step recovery guide: 12-Steps for Those Afflicted with Chronic Pain. The 12-Steps are intended to help individuals recover from the emotional suffering that so often accompanies chronic pain

What do the Experts Say?

"A holistic approach based on solid clinical evidence. Patients and medical care professionals alike can read and learn. Highly recommended" --Fernando S. Branco, M.D., FAAPMR. Medical Director, Rosomoff Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center and Brucker Biofeedback Center, Miami, FL

“No one can be excluded from the risk of chronic pain. Dr. Colameco's book is an educational tool that needs to be read by everyone regardless of his or her current experience of pain; an important addition to the pain literature.” --J. David Sinclair, MD, FRCP (C), DABPM. Independent Consultant for the Management of Chronic Pain, Seattle, WA

“In Chronic Pain: A Way Out, Dr. Colameco combines current, evidence-based medical information with proven spiritual principles that have saved the lives of millions of suffering addicts. The practical exercises provide a road map to improve lives--not just for patients, but for all of those affected by chronic pain.” --Christopher Johnston, MD, ABFM, ABAM. Addiction Medicine Specialist, New Jersey Medical Director, Pinnacle Treatment Centers