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Chronic Pain Books that Address Addiction Issues


Chronic Pain: A Way Out

In this book, Stephen Colameco, MD describes how to help create an evidence-based pain management treatment plan by accessing local resources. The book describes the interplay between addiction and chronic pain, includes portions of his previously published the 12-Steps for those Afflicted with Chronic Pain. Available in print from Amazon and eBook editions on AmazonKobo, Nook, and Apple.   

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A Day Without Pain

This book Mel Pohl, MD reviews the physical and psychological problems associated with pain, as well as ways to assess and treat pain. It examines methods for chronic pain treatment in a comprehensive, holistic manner, without the use of narcotic/opiate/pain killers. Available in e-Book and print editions at Amazon and from Central Recovery Press. 

12 Steps for those Afflicted by Chronic Pain (Revised Edition)

For those already "working" a 12-Step program, this book provides a means of applying the 12-Step approach to chronic pain. For others, this book provides an introduction to the 12 Steps, recovery stories, inspirational readings, and recovery exercises. Available in print from Amazon and eBook editions on Amazon, KoboNook,and iTunes.

Addiction-Free Pain Management

In this "Recovery Guide: Managing Pain and Medication in Recovery",  Stephen Grinstead, PhD describes how to manage chronic pain without resorting to the use of potentially addicting medications that could jeopardize recovery.  Dr. Grinstead is an internationally recognized expert on addiction recovery and the developer of the Addiction-Free Pain Management ® program.

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