Physician Consultant

Dr. Stephen Colameco has had over 30 years of experience in the field of addiction medicine, first receiving training as part of a faculty development fellowship during which he also received a masters degree in health education. His experience is summarized in the About webpage with more information on his LinkedIn page.

Dr. Colameco works part-time as a consultant providing case review, coaching and case management services involving chronic pain with substance use issues or concerns.  

ICM picIndividual patients who are interested in case review, interventions, or telephonic counseling/coaching should contact ICM Associates at 727-392-5600 -- a company specializing in addiction intervention and case management services-- and request Dr. Colameco's involvement.  Dr. Colameco does respond to email communication (see Privacy Policy).


Remember, there is a way out  of chronic pain complicated by addiction, but individuals cannot "do it alone".  Complicated cases involving chronic disorders require a multidisciplinary team approach. Find the help you need.